Patrick Bodoh, Loan Officer

I’ve been in the real estate loan business since 1978, and became a broker in 1984, when I started my own company:  Home Loan Placement Services.  I have been a borrower’s advocate my entire career, working with various lending sources to get the best match of rates and payments to suit the needs of the borrower.  After the big bubble broke in 2008, changes in the laws governing loan brokers made it difficult to compete as a lone loan broker, so I joined Mid Valley Funding as an associate.


Mid Valley allows me to meet the needs of my borrowers because they have kept up on the leading funding sources and keep up with all the changes that are inevitable in this business.  We offer virtually all types of residential loans, on California properties, whether for personal residence or for rentals.


I specialize in VA loans, since I am a veteran, and in REVERSE mortgages, since I am eligible.  Also, I just got certified in the recently introduced ALL-IN-ONE loan, a loan that allows savings of thousands of dollars of interest and gives you access to the equity you build up over time.  It’s a checking account, an ATM card, and so much more.  Just check my website: for more information.


I also have a business degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and  I am a combat veteran with a purple heart.


I can help you with virtually any residential real estate loan, and in fact have dedicated my professional career to doing so.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Patrick Bodoh

Patrick Bodoh
Loan Officer
NMLS# 330933

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